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Girls' Best Friend

Bright and sparkly. Gemstones came to my mind when I was removing this Dragon Fruit and Orange jelly from the mould. Like a combination of gemstones...rubies, amber and diamonds, all in one!

Dragon's Eyes

The literal translation for the name of a small brown, juicy exotic fruit from the lands of Asia, known as Longan in Chinese, packed into these muffins


A taste from the humble beginnings, the Long Bean Rice brings back beautiful memories of the yesteryears

Light and Fluffy

Lemon, Yogurt and Cranberries~a nice blend of flavours in a light and fluffy chiffon cake

Bread Stories

Asian style buns ~ Popular as breakfast food or snack, sweet/savoury fillings wrapped in soft, cottony bread

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Mid Autumn Gift

The experience learnt from making jelly mooncakes was put to good use. Have experimented enough to be confident for them to meet the outside world. Made 4 interesting flavours which I thought went quite well together, packed them into a gift box for closed ones and upon request from some friends. Thank you dear friends for the support and encouragement!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Berry Fishy Story

Weird title? Nothing fishy except for the fact that it was literally fish from a can in a bun! Anti-Climax!

Made some tuna b
uns for breakfast. Again it's all pretty simple. Get hold of a sweet bread dough recipe, put all the ingredients into a breadmaker. A trusty one will do all the job of mixing, kneading and making it rise while you continue doing whatever else. Mould the dough into little ball shapes and let it rise. Once the size is doubled, fill them with some tuna filling and wrap it up. Voila, the buns are ready to be baked.

One might wonder how did Berry come into the picture then?? I split the amount of dough between the tuna and some homemade strawberry jam. Hence, Berry Fishy Story! Instead of tuna, half of the buns had strawberry jam in them. And I piped some strawberry jam into a heart shape and filled it with some walnuts to warm little one's heart and to receive a big smile in return :) Looks like someone else is in the picture too!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Nori Sausage Roll

This was created together with the smallest pair of hands in the house. Undecided about what type of buns to make, we ended up doing something which has some of his favourite stuff. The inspriration came from sushi rolls. We roll some sweet bread dough with a layer of seaweed sheet and sausage in the centre. Glazed it with some egg and top with some meat floss. Simple enough but thumbs up from little one because it had his choice of goodies, maybe because he had a hand in it!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Jelly Mooncakes

It's the mooncake season! The varieties out there are aplenty but as usual the increase in price is an annual event too.

This is my first attempt to make some of my own. I chose to start
with an easy variation which is the jelly version. As usual, getting started is the most difficult part. However, once you are in it, things will flow through. Moral of story?? Keep going, never give up! So came the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th variation. There maybe more coming, but for now I am glad that I have met the minimum number of varieties to fit them into a typical mooncake gift box. Hmm, I think I should take a braver step and do the real thing now!


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