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Friday, 8 July 2011

Gemstone Jelly

Doesn't it look pretty? It's jelly but gemstones came to my mind when I was removing it from the mould. It's like a combination of gemstones! Rubies, amber and diamonds, all in one! Imagine having gemstones as big as these, nice... Unfortunately, my photo may not do it justice. A little overboard maybe, but it won't hurt to let one's imagination go wild, at least once in awhile. Well, don't they say nothing happens without a dream??

Normally i would just make dragon fruit jelly but these had a combination of 3 types of fruits. The top layer got its red (the "Ruby") from the dragon fruit, orangy hue ( the "Amber") at the bottom came from orange juice while the lychees hidden inside were like sparkling Diamonds!

Now, let's talk about the taste, honestly, i am not too sure about it. Another case of don't be deceived by its look? The orange flavour was so dominant that it overpowered the other two. Of course, one will not forget the presence of the dragon fruit with the crunching of the little black seeds but there was not much rescue for the lychee, it was kinda like there but not there, because the taste and scent of lychee was missing.

I am not sure if I am gonna make this again. Yes would be the most likely answer but I will omit lychee, might try longans (I have tried longan and dragon fruit and it was a good combination). Longans instead of lychees for diamonds, after all Diamonds are Girls' Best Friends, how can we live without them :))


I came personally to thank you for visiting my blog and I am so happy to know you enjoy your time there. Yes, I agree with you that this jelly is very pretty and look like gem stones and in this case, they look like giant rubies! LOL! Enjoy your weekend and hope to visit with you again soon.

U have a nice blog....n I love to have a bite over ur jelly...


Quay Po Cook and Angeline,
Thanks for dropping by and the compliments.

That does look pretty! I love the color!

I like the idea of combining lychee, orange and dragon fruit. And looks very pretty too!

Looks beautiful! You know, my first thought was that if the bottom layer was green, it would actually look like watermelon haha.... The flavour combination actually sounds really good!!

this is the most lovely food we have ever encountered...these dragon fruit molds look so red and cute with those tiny seeds on top, very beautiful recipe :-)

Nice recipe.. Liked the combination of lychee, orange and dragon fruit.. Looks veautiful too.. Do visit my blog..

I think Longans may be exactly the right thing. And instead of the orange, maybe papaya would have a less overwhelming flavor? But I can honestly say, this is the first time in a loooong time I've wanted to make jello. These are so pretty, they don't look like a retro jello fruit ring at all, and are so appealing I would probably eat three of these at a party! ;)

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