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Monday, 25 July 2011

Chicken Rice Malaysian Style

Of late, our country has been attracting some attention, unfortunately of the wrong kind. Nothing that has left us feeling proud except for the bit on Penang's Assam Laksa getting the No. 7 spot on the world's Top 50 delicious food, based on CNN International food survey (The Sunday Star, 24 July 2011). Way to go Penang!

A lot of us (myself included) are sadden and disappointed by the state of many events that have happened. It is even worse when racial or religious sentiments are played when in fact these issues are in no relation to it at all. On the contrary, we live among each other in gracious harmony, more so if emotions along racial/religious lines are left unstirred.

Most of us were brought up to respect each other irregardless of races. We got to know each other, learn each other's culture, appreciate each other's delicacies and sometimes adapt each other's ways into our lives without even realising it.

Food is definitely one thing that brought the many races of Malaysia together. We enjoy Malay food as much as they do, we love their Rendangs, Roti Jala, Dodol, Lemang and so much more. Like wise, the Malays love our Hainanese Chicken Rice, Yong Tow Foo, Paus etc, etc. Our Indian friends' Banana Leaf Rice, Roti Canai, Putumayams , Curries etc etc are food to die for.

I hope I have not confused anyone with the title of this post. By no means is this officially recognised as Malaysian style Chicken Rice. It is just me twigging around with some recipes but I would very much like to think that it is reflective of our Malaysian spirit. Typically, I would prepare Chicken Rice the Chinese way where the chicken is steamed. Instead, I chose to grill some chicken wings with spices following the Malay style.

Some greens were prepared in a style common to the Chinese where the greens are blanched in hot water and then seasoned with some oyster and soy sauce.

As for the rice, I substituted it with butter rice instead of the rice cooked with chicken stock as per Chinese Chicken rice. Butter Rice reminds me of my Indian friends' ghee rice.

The taste blended well with each other, just like how we live peacefully among each other. So, who says we are not Malaysians first?? I believe most of us already are ...

Fellow Malaysians, let's pray and do whatever we can for this motherland that we love!

Grilled Chicken Wings Malay Style ~ Dapurku Sayang
Butter Rice ~ Nasi Lemak Lover


1malaysia chicken rice? haha! i love the grilled chicken here. We love our friends, our neighbours , our colleagues in regardless of's just that certain individuals want to play and stir things up for own interest! dont we just hate that?

Lena, thanks for dropping by. No, not 1malaysia, just plain Malaysian. I hate this this 1malaysia thing, it is just too cynical. They don't even agree that they are Malaysian first, so what's there to talk about 1malaysia??

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