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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fried Chempedak and Mum's Not So Secret Recipe

We had these for tea yesterday.  Mum made them and they tasted really great.  And I learned that she has a special deep frying batter recipe which I think is worth sharing.  

What are these? A local fruit fried in batter, in a manner similar to banana fritters.   A street food found  when the fruits are in season.  The name of the fruit is Chempedak, an exotic fruit native to South East Asia.  I searched around and I don't think there's an English name for it, but its close cousin known as Nangka in the local language is Jackfruit in English.  Some say the fruit looks ugly, its edible arils are kinda soft and gooey adding to the ugly definition.  But they have a very strong aroma (which some can't stand, something of the durian category)  and they are sweet tasting.  They can be eaten raw but taste heavenly when fried in batter.

A look at the arils, I love the beautiful orangey hue.  Depending on the size of the fruit, one can get around 50-100 arils in a fruit.

And this is how they looked after being fried.  It's a little unfortunate that the arils are kinda thin for this particular fruit (think Forrest Gump and his box of chocolate).  Note the nice, crisp golden brown and non greasy thin layer of batter.   Can you see its gooey texture??

Now, coming to Mum's special recipe...Typically batter for deep frying would be made from flour and water with a little salt added in.  Out of curiosity, I asked Mum for her recipe because I found hers very light, thin, crunchy and most importantly not greasy.  I wasn't expecting anything extra ordinary but I was pleasantly surprised to know that she added 2 tablespoons of instant oats into her batter! Way to go Mum, such a brilliant way to sneak oats into our diet! Am not sure if it resulted in the nice texture of the batter but it sure didn't taste like it was there!  Besides oats, she used a ratio of 20% rice flour to 80% wheat flour plus a teaspoon baking powder.   Sorry, no exact measurements, simply because Mum doesn't think it's necessary.   Some wise words from her though, the batter should be slightly thick, not runny.  Classic example of Mum's knows best!  


certainly gained some good cooking knowledge here about adding the oats and rice flour, thank you!

Interesting post! This sounds great!

This is interesting! Good to know that the addition of instant oats has actually make this batter light and crunchy.

You are right , my mother in law also add instant oat to the prawn fritter batter, which make it taste really nice.

@Sem: I am so glad to have you second the opinion. So, addition of oats does make it taste good! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Hope to have you here again!

@Elpiniki: Thanks for dropping by!

@ Lena and Zoe: I hope you try adding oats the next time you fry something with batter :)

Thanks for your mom great tip, all this while I know we need to add some rice flour to make it crunchy but never know that also can add some oats. I going to try this to fry banana. thanks for sharing.

My neighbour fries this all the time and I hate it so much that I could only smell but not eat.
Makes me droooooooool with the smell permeating in my kitchen (our kitchens are back to back)

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