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Monday, 13 February 2012

The Stomach Way

Some people say "Old tricks don't work" but there's also a Cantonese saying when translated means the opposite, "Do not worry if it's an old trick, what matters most is it works".  I say both are right.  Some tricks do go out of date but there's one which I think  never will...I do  believe one way(yes, one way, not the only way) to a man's heart is through his stomach :)   A meal made out of love will always melt his heart.  And that was the path that I took for hubs' birthday...Happy Birthday, sweetheart! May God bless you with good health, overflowing happiness, wealth (yes, in that order)  and continue to make you a righteous leader for our family.

First up, I made black pepper prawns with pandan rice.    The recipe for this black pepper prawn is courtesy of my sister.  Her black pepper crabs are just so heavenly.  I used her recipe on prawns instead.

Of course, I had to make a cake for him.  Birthdays, for me  are just too good excuses to make a not so plain cake.  I tried this Orange Chocolate Baked Cheese cake.  Shredded some orange peel and shaped into a heart.

Inside out...

This cake tasted really good.  The tangy aroma was so evident.  It went well with the chocolate sponge.  The recipe was courtesy of Alex Goh.

So, that was how I feasted my man :) Recipes? Will post it another day, too tired for it right now...

So, fancy going the stomach way for Valentine's? Let's celebrate tomorrow!  Have a great Valentine's Day with your loved ones!


stumbled on your blog. Your hubby is a very lucky man! The cake looks sooo good.

hi adeline, i just happened to know your name when i was going thru the aspiring baker roundup. I've been talking to you without knowing your name. The way through a man's heart is thru his stomach..i guess this is also quite true cos i heard men saying that too..even though sometimes the dish may not turn out as delicious as they expected, they know you made it with love! Happy valentines day! i'm seeing a perfect baked cheesecake here too!

I love prawns but I just fell in love with this cake! looks great!Happy birthday to him!

I do believe the "stomach way" of saying...Your family especially your man is very lucky to eat all these delicious food.

@Daphne:Thanks for dropping by and the compliment. Hope to hear from you again.
@Lena, Elpiniki and Zoe: Gals, you are the best, thanks for the support!

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