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Monday 31 December 2012

Adios 2012, Hola 2013

Year 2012 is drawing its curtains already.  Time to cherish the ups and give ourselves a big pat on the back for overcoming the downs and challenges that came along!

Here's wishing all my family, friends and everyone out there who cared to drop by a very Happy New Year!   Have been lazy in the kitchen what with the holidays and all, so I will sign off for this year by sharing some photos from Spain and Portugal for some light viewing pleasure.   


Alhambra-Islamic Palace built on Assabica hill from the 10th century. 

Striking resemblance with the Taj Mahal if I may say...


UNESCO World Heritage Site, most important University City in Spain

Beautiful cathedrals in every city!

There's a Plaza Mayor in almost every city too!


Largest city in the Andalusia community

Orange trees line the streets of southern cities in Spain starting from Valencia!  Not suitable for eating though, these types are bitter and sour.


Capital of Catalonia, 2nd largest city after Madrid

Renowned for architectural works by Antoni Gaudi


Gaudi's too...

Yet another Gaudi's...amazing, breathtaking!

Not Gaudi's but inspired by him...

Olympics 1992 venue

Ring only, bull fighting banned in Barcelona


This is said to be one of the real castles that inspired Cinderella's castle in Disneyland.  So gals, it's not all fairy tales...

Simply put, this is an architecture to transport water to Segovia from the mountains built by the Romans somewhere between the 1st and 2nd century AD.  A total of more than 200 arches running across 32 km, 28m height. Breathtaking to say the least!


Another UNESCO World Heritage site

Mijas-the white-washed village

Some liken it to the Santorini in Greece.  It was said that it was the women folk that took part in the white washing activities.


The capital-very busy city, crowded everywhere, difficult for photos :(

You have got to see for yourself what's inside the palace, photos not allowed

Real Madrid fans will recognize this, the stadium is right smack in the city 


Fatima-City of Marian Apparition in 1917

Hope you have enjoyed the photos, plus it didnt take too long to load :)  Cheers to a wonderful year ahead!


hi, i'm sure you had a wonderful holiday. Glad that you shared some of your holiday pics with us, it's beautiful! i hope one day i can set my foot in these places! Wishing you a happy 2013, cheers!!

Hi, Happy New Year to you and wish you all the best in 2013.

Amazing structures!! I would love to visit Spain one day to see all these. Thanks for sharing the photos, Adeline, and happy new year to you and your family.

Love the photos! Happy 2103 and wishing you all good things to come!

Such a wonderful place to visit ! I'm sure you had an amazing time in each of those countries !

I wish you and your family Happy New Year !!! And more countries to visit in the year ahead :D

What love photos...hope I would have a to visit some day:)

Lovely pics. Spain is a place to visit in our bucket list! Have a great year ahead my dear.

Awesome place, wish I can visit Spain one day..

Hi drop by to say hello. Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos. Haven't seen your update for this year?

Have a nice weekend, regards.

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