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Monday, 10 December 2012

Santa, I hope you will like this...

I know it still quite early to be all Christmasy, but I can't wait to use these liners!  They are cute aren't they?   And this is the first time I came across hexagon shaped ones.  So, this post is mainly to keep the clicks for these lovely liners :)

Look, they have cute bottoms too!

Here comes the real treat, i filled it with some banana chiffon.  Something for a change instead of a chocolaty treat.

The cake was delightful.  It was soft, moist and flavorful with mashed bananas and banana bits here and there too!   I have a feeling Santa will love them too!

Recipe : Small Small Baker

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Not only Santa like this, I like this and yes the liners are beautiful. Its a pity after eaten the cake the liners got to be thrown away, right.

Agree with Mel, not just Santa, I like it too :)

@Mel, Phong Hong:Thanks for the likes ;)

Hi, I love, love these liners, they are so cute and pretty. Cake look soft and fluffy.

Have a fabulous week ahead.

These Christmas cup liners look very cute! And the cakes looks very delicious! I bet you will get a lot of presents this year because Santa is going to be very happy.

very pretty, ya, its a shame that after using it has to be discarded..lovely banana chiffon!

Indeed very Christmassy cupcake liners! It's never too early to get into the festive mood! Love the soft banana chiffon....

yeah, very rare i see the bottom with pictures too. I also like the christmas effect you made on your 1st picture. i also want to try doing that!

@Amelia: Thanks for coming by and the like :) Have a blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

@Zoe:Thanks for coming by and the like :) Have a blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays! Psst, my 'Santa' found the cake lovely, so I am hoping he will bring me at least one nice gift ;)

@Esther:Thanks for coming by and the like :) Have a blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

@Bee:Thanks for coming by and the like :) Have a blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

@Lena: Yeah, this one rare gem, even the bottoms are pretty. Hopefully it will bring lots of smile on family and friends eating treats out of them this Christmas :) Have a blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

These are such lovely & festive cupcakes for Santa! The liners are lovely & the your cupcakes has the most stunning shape! A lovely Christmassy bake indeed! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

I love these cupcakes!
Have a joyous holiday season!

Very oretty and Christmasy cupcakes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and family.

Not only Santa , for sure ! Me want some of that pretty cupcakes as well ! lol I love your liners :D I've seen some of that yesterday and been planning to buy it but with so much people in the shop , it just slipped off my mind :P

Merry Christmas and a Bountiful 2013 to you and your family !!!

thanks for your wishes. I wish you too a very merry christmas and a wonderful year 2013!

Hi, drop by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Have a lovely week ahead,regards.

Very festive and cute cupcake liners! Wishing you s blessed Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.

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