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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Another Coffee Fix

The aroma of coffee in my bread, that was what I craved for last week. Bad, no reason to crave and to crave for something bad added to the guilt! Shouldn't be adding more coffee intakes when a few cups a day is already my regular. I wanted something simple, on the bitterish side, not too sweet or creamy.

I gave in, out comes Coffee Craisin Buns! So, this is the bad side of being able to make your own bread, you make whatever you crave! Instead of making the more popular Mexican Buns, I made this using some simple variations from a recipe by Florence for Coffee Bread with cream. I omitted the cream and added in craisins instead. I baked them in a ring pan. The recipe uses the Tang Zhong method.

Variations from recipe
  • Use 20g bread flour with 100ml water for tang zhong
  • Use breadmaker to knead
  • 1 cup of cranberries plus raisins

Results? Very soft buns with strong coffee aroma and some sweetness from the craisins! It's a YES for coffee lovers.

Soft fluffy buns!


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