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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Purple Duo

Love the color more than anything else :) These were made from Purple Sweet Potatoes. According to little one Purple is the new Red, whatever that means! For now, purple is his favourite color since he's still feeling a little Bieberish!!

1. Purple Sweet Potato Swirl Bread
I thought this time i will attempt some swirls instead of making an entire purple loaf. It turned out to be a shade of pink instead of purple! Probably because the potatoes were from a different species, they had a light instead of a dark purple hue. The bread was very soft, potatoes always have that effect on bread. Moreover, this recipe used the tangzhong method. A nice hint of potato fragrance and sweetness in its presence.

2. Purple Sweet Potato Ondeh Ondeh
Had to find something else to make with leftover sweet potatoes from the breadmaking session. It was between this and a chiffon cake.

Ondeh-ondeh, a traditional Malay kuih (meaning cake), normally served during tea time or as dessert. Err, mine is a wee bit of digression from the traditional ones. Those are made from yellow sweet potatoes and infused with pandan juice, giving them a green shade. These little balls are essentially mashed sweet potatoes mixed with glutinous rice flour. They are then filled with some Gula Melaka (palm sugar) in the centre and boiled. Once ready, they are rolled in fresh grated coconuts, giving them a furry look :) Something that i learned to make during the early days of my Home Science subject, a long long time ago... The best part about eating this is when you bite into them, the palm sugar will squirt in your mouth,blending with the rice balls giving them a nice, sweet, fragrant and slightly chewy bite.


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