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Saturday, 25 June 2011

For the love of Papa and Durians

The love for Durians, something that I share in common with Papa. Little one inherited my love for durians. Now we have a trio of durian lovers in the family, Pa, myself and little one. We would sit on the floor waiting for Pa to open them. Pa always bought them in whole. When Pa is not around, it will always be prepacked ones from the store without the husks.

When I saw this on Wen's blog, I decided to make one for him for Father's Day. I bought fresh durians and mashed them up with a fork. I knew it tasted good as soon as I finished whipping up the mixture because little one help scraped and cleaned the mixing bowl until it was sparkling clean! The steps were quite simple as it was a non baked one.

I topped it with a mixture of nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios) and dried fruits (raisins, cranberries and figs). I loved the colour combination. I was happy how it turned out but little sis thought I went a little overboard :))

All ready and excited to present it to Pa that morning. Had planned to give him a surprise visit as he was back in our hometown. For some reasons, I had to take the public transport on that day.

A most unfortunate thing happened, when I reached home, the cake had started to melt! It was no longer as pretty as in picture above, how disappointing! It broke my heart :( I had to present an ugly cake to Pa. It was so stupid of me to choose this one when I already knew I had to take the public transport on that day! I thought it would withstand the journey since there was air-conditioning, apparently it wasn't good enough! A big mistake made for the love of durians.

However, Pa was so happy to see me and he comforted me by saying it was the thought that counts. It was still edible after putting it back into the fridge albeit being unsightly. It tasted good, the durian flavour was strong, close to eating durian in its original form (according to Pa). The toppings complemented the taste very well too. So glad that the taste of durian was prominent because I found out that actually Pa didn't have much of a fancy for durian flavoured stuff, maybe because it was too far from eating the real thing. But this one has real durians in them and one could still feel the texture :)

All in all this cake is good stuff, it was just a wrong choice in the given circumstances. As Pa put it, melted or not, it was the thought that counts!


sure, it's the thought that counts. I've took a quick browse at your cakes section, you're a good baker and they all look beautiful!

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