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Friday, 10 June 2011

World of Chiffons

Finally, I think I can claim that I have made a small step into the world of chiffons! The world of soft, cottony and super light cakes! After a few attempts, they now taste good, look presentable (though not perfect) and I am loving them!

I know when to stop whacking the egg whites, I know how to be gentle with them and not to inflate all my hard work when i fold the egg yolk mixture into the beaten whites and I know how to make sure they are well baked too :)

The best thing is there are so many new flavours that I can try, courtesy of fellow bloggers that one will not find over the counter (at least from where I am). I am amazed by the number of varieties that have been created, inspired, tested and proven. It's a gold mine out there waiting to be discovered, it's not only about the more common ones like pandan, vanilla, coffee and orange... 'sniff' around in the blogsphere you will find mango, banana, strawberries, passion fruit, green tea, chocolate and even tofu! I can't say enough to thank them!

I wanted to make something for loved ones that we were planning to visit during the recent school holidays. After 'sniffing' around, I decided on two special flavours , quite a marathon by my standards to bake both within a day but thank God they turned out well enough to be giveaways. I trusted my fellow bloggers so much that I was brave enough to give them out although they were my first attempts. I didn't even know how they would taste :) I made Mango Yoghurt and Chocolate Banana.

I had a chance to taste the Mango Yoghurt one. It smelled so good (even when it was still in the oven) and the little chunks of mango in it was especially creative in my opinion. I should have kept them in the oven a little longer and been more gentle when I took it out from the pan for a smoother surface. The sweetness was just right (more on the mild side) which was something the family loved and one will not get from over the counter ones.

As for the Chocolate Banana one, I have yet to taste it. But the feedback that I got told me I was not wrong, my loved ones loved them so much, even the little ones! I will definitely attempt it again to have a taste of it! I love the way how it turned out so tall and spongy!

Mango Yoghurt ~ courtesy of Wen's Delight
Chocolate Banana ~ courtesy of Honey Bee Sweets

Thank you fellow bloggers!


Oh your chiffons look tall and soft! So glad the recipe turned out great and the feedback was positive. but you get the credit of course since you baked it so nicely.  hopefully the next time you'll be able to taste it yah.  Happy baking!!

Thanks for trying out the recipe and loving it!

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