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Sunday, 22 May 2011

All in a Row

Rows of Bread would be 'Pai (Row) Pau (Bun/Bread)' when translated into Cantonese. This is how this particular bread got its name. It is popular in Hong Kong which is also where I got to know it. True to its name, this bread is made longish and bake in neat rows. One would find it most bakeries and coffeeshops(aka 'char chan teng' ) in Hong Kong.

What's special about it? Looks like any other Plain Jane? Yes from the outside :) Essentially this is a typical Asian sweet bread, which means it's pillowy soft. However, it is also creamy and has a nice buttery fragrance. For individual consumption, one just tears them apart row by row. Can be eaten plain or with preferred fillings.

I was reminded of it and captivated when I saw it here. They looked so good. When I read that the locality of the blog owner was Hong Kong, I knew I should follow the recipe to a T although the post was 2 years old (2009).

Variation from recipe :
  1. Use whole egg instead of just yolk (reduce wastage)
  2. Use breadmaker to knead the dough (easier, dough was sticky too)

Verdict :
Marvelous results! Super soft, cottony, creamy with buttery fragrance, all in one! The whole family loved it including our pooch!! It really brought back memories of the original taste of Pai Pau in HK. Yummy! Today is the 2nd day and it's still so soft!

Thank you Florence of Do What I Like! Moral of the Story? It's never too late to learn :)


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