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Friday, 9 September 2011

Snowy Finale

I am dedicating this post to my little sister thousand of miles away, I love you and God knows how much I miss you especially during festivals. I know you are touched but please don't roll those tears :p You should be smiling at those lovely little mooncakes :)

One last batch of mooncakes before the festival. Gave in to the temptation to try making more flavours. Made little ones, this time. Little one means less gluttony (technically) and of course lesser time and material too. Nice when the purpose is to have fun.

Snow skins ones are pretty simple, especially with ready made paste around. In fact, there are premix for the skin around too. The lady in the shop actually recommended using premix, she said they stay soft longer. Hmm, i wonder why...

I played around with 4 flavours. No artificial colouring used, all au naturale. I used this basic recipe for dragon fruit snow skin mooncake and played around to get other flavours
  • Red ~ Dragon Fruit Red Bean
  • Green ~ Green Tea White Lotus
  • White (with slight orange shade) ~ Calamansi Cream Cheese Lotus
  • Brown ~ Coffee Cream Cheese Lotus

I did not have any mini size mooncake moulds, I used a jelly tray instead. Imprints are not clear and a little out of shape, due to the pressing and knocking to get them out.

I used half the recipe to yield 12 pieces of my mini size mooncake.


Skin Dough
  • 150g ‘koh fun’ (cooked glutinous rice flour)30g-50g icing sugar, sifted
  • 70g shortening/ crisco
  • 100g red dragon fruit puree
  • 50-60ml cold ice water
  • 500g lotus paste/red bean paste
  • Extra koh fun for dusting
  1. Skin the red dragon fruit. Next, using a small electric blender, puree the dragon fruit flesh to yield 100g of fruit.
  2. Sift the cooked glutinous rice flour and icing sugar into a mixing bowl.
  3. Mix in shortening and dragon fruit puree with the sifted ingredients, adding cold water slowly until a soft pliable dough forms.
  4. Dough must not stick to the hands; Add 1 -2 tablespoons more cooked glutinous rice flour if needed.

  • Unfortunately the dragon fruit one doesn't stay soft for long when it is chilled (it was stated in the recipe that it to be brought to room temperature though)
  • Strangely enough, the calamansi one stayed soft. Why so? It beats me! I read somewhere that Marriot Singapore has a Calamansi Cream Cheese, never had a chance to see or taste it. I had homemade Calamansi Sour Plum ice-cream in my freezer (the ice lolly type), so I used it instead of water (i.e. 150ml altogether). I like this best! Slightly tangy, salty and creamy from the cheese ball. This is worth a try!
  • Coffee with cream cheese and coffee paste tasted good too, but could be a little bias coming from a coffee lover :) To get coffee paste, mix lotus paste with instant coffee paste over a low fire until it's evenly mixed.
  • All in all, ok but could do with improvement, next year maybe :)
Happy Mid Autumn Festival!


hi, yeah definately not easy to unlodge it from the jelly moulds and i must say that you hv done this beautifully!love how you displayed the mooncakes, like modelling on stage! oh, also very happy to hear about the chicken pies!

News update : There was an odd report of slight flooding despite triple digit heat and power outage for a few hours where we live!! =p

Love you very much too! Muacks!

So sweet of you to dedicate this post o your younger sister. I am sure she appreciates this very much. You took a nice photos of the moon cakes. Simply fabulous!

Thank you, Quay Po Cooks. Sharing these mooncakes with her electronically was the next best thing.

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