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Sunday, 30 September 2012

月福 wishes to all

It's Mid-Autumn festival today.  I will just do a quick post to share what I have been up to this season and also to wish everyone lots of 月福 with this Nespresso Peach Yogurt Jelly Mooncake.  This is my new mould for this year, I think it's really pretty.

I made this for my self indulgence.  The crazy coffee addict in me put a cup of Nespresso in it.  And how I love the aroma...

To complement the coffee, I put in peach flavored yogurt and some peach cubes.  They blend really well, the bitter sweet coffee and the sweet sourish peach.    

Have lots of fun under the beautiful moon tonight!


The mooncake mould is so pretty! I love coffee flavour too, will definitely bookmark this recipe for next year.

hi ade, yes, the design is very pretty and i love how defined the lines turned out! you too, have a lovely celebration with your family!!

Very pretty! Wish I could have had some =p

Hi, love your mooncake mould design, very beautiful. Your jelly mooncake is so refreshing.yummy!

Have a nice week ahead.

Lena, TheBoss, Amelia:Thank you for visiting and the kind words :)

hello, this recipe looks gorgeous! the colour is so attractive! do u have this recipe posted anywhere? =) would love 2 make it for my mum. thanx!

@Antzgiler:Sorry for the late reply, the recipe is posted on

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