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Friday, 28 February 2014

When Taps Run Dry, A Simple Breakfast

It's now coming into the 3rd week that i have not had continuous water supply at home.   This is the worst ever water woes that i have experienced in my entire life.  It is hard to even imagine what more face this kind of problem in this day and age living in an urban area!  At least if one lives in a village or jungle there are wells and rivers to draw from!  The first week was just hell, we were not warned at all causing us to frantically find ways to resolve water needs.  A lot of time was spent running around to relatives and friends' places for our basic needs like showering and filling up some water to bring home.   And there's the running around to laundromats and having meals too.  We went further off to ensure these eateries were not facing the same water disruption lest we get sick due to unhygienic reasons.    Then they started sending water tankers that came at the oddest hour, imagine staying on alert just to catch them.   Fortunately, the barking of my neighbour's 3 dogs is loud enough to wake everyone on the street up when they arrive.   Love you doggies!  But jumping out of bed at 3.30am, queuing up in pjs and sarongs with eyes half opened and stinky mouths may sound funny but it is definitely no fun at all at that point of time!  

It a crisis out there, people are affected both directly and indirectly and it could lead to more serious complications.  I am so sadden to read in the papers that a mum to be suffered a miscarriage and lost her pair of twins while carrying water back to her flat :((  I am fortunate that it's a little better now that we are getting water on alternate days for a period of around 6 hours.  For now it's rush hour when water flows! 

Initially we ate out when this whole water disruption thing started but have gone back to making our own meals since the problem is wide spread and we can't be certain if a place actually gets clean water besides it's a hassle to go way out for meals.  At least i am in control when i make my own food.  For now it's keeping it simple all the way, store bought bread for breakfast, one pot meals, steamed dishes or anything that needs minimum washing for main meals.  

After getting tired of just bread, i bought this pack of tortilla wrap one day.  Made this simple breakfast quesadilla, something that i could afford to make since there are only 2 dishes to be washed, the pan and the bowl for the egg :)  

A nice change that added some cheer to this subdued mood that we are in. Healthy, tasty and simple, done up within 10 minutes.

Fellow Malaysians, you might want to think of this as a healthier version of Roti Telur, much healthier without any oil used in the preparation, whole grain and tastier too with the addition of ham and cheese ;-)

Inspiration: Sea Salt with Food

  • 1 piece tortilla wrap
  • 1 medium size egg, lightly beaten
  • 1 slice of ham
  • 1 stalk scallion
  • 3 tbsp grated mozarella cheese
  1. Heat up frying pan with just enough oil to coat the pan and fry the ham. Cut into smaller pieces then set aside.
  2. Place wrap in the pan and pour beaten egg on top of wrap. When egg starts to set, place ham (on one half of wrap since it's going to be folded) on top of egg followed by cheese.
  3. When cheese starts to melt sprinkle on chopped scallion.
  4. Fold wrap into half with spatula and gently pressed it down.
  5. Flip wrap over to get both sides slightly brown and crisp.


Hi I read about the water crisis from the news too and I hope this dry spell will be over soon! The quesadilla looks healthy and delicious!

I really feel for you! My area is not affected yet but I hear that we might next week. I dread the thought of it! Hope it rains, please! By the way, the quesadillas look yum!

Sorry to know you are affected by the water supply. It's difficult and yet there are many who aren't aware that they are lucky to have 24 hours supply of water within their homes. Some ppl simply couldn't be bothered to repair their leaking taps and some just spent so much time in the shower when there are many like you without adequate supply of 'clean' water. Be patient and let's rain comes soon and heavy at the right places.

Ade , 3 weeks of no tap water ?! Ouch :P Hope that problem will be over soon . I can't help but grin re half-closed eyes and stinky breath while queuing for water :D Your tortilla wrap sounds delicious , simple and easy to prepare yet very filling !

So sorry to know that you have been affected with water supply. We all should learn to not take things for granted.
This is a simple yet great breakfast!

I feel for you too, I know how it is without water for so long! Hopefully my area would not be affected this time! I too love the way you serve your quesadillas…simple but o filling and delicious!

Non sono abituata a questo tipo di colazione ma la mangerei lo stesso.
Ottimo per affrontare la giornata.
brava e buona serata.

Fantàstico desayuno me encanta se ve muy delicioso,abrazos.

Ladies, i feel blessed to have friends who feel and cared for the water crisis that i am facing right now. Thank you very much for dropping by and your kind words :) I think God is listening, he has sent rain these 2 days!

Hi, sorry to read that your place got water problem. Hope the problem will be solve soon.
Your comfort breakfast look really good, great for lunch too. Thanks for sharing with us.

Have a nice day.

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