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Monday, 23 August 2010

Berry Fishy Story

Weird title? Nothing fishy except for the fact that it was literally fish from a can in a bun! Anti-Climax!

Made some tuna b
uns for breakfast. Again it's all pretty simple. Get hold of a sweet bread dough recipe, put all the ingredients into a breadmaker. A trusty one will do all the job of mixing, kneading and making it rise while you continue doing whatever else. Mould the dough into little ball shapes and let it rise. Once the size is doubled, fill them with some tuna filling and wrap it up. Voila, the buns are ready to be baked.

One might wonder how did Berry come into the picture then?? I split the amount of dough between the tuna and some homemade strawberry jam. Hence, Berry Fishy Story! Instead of tuna, half of the buns had strawberry jam in them. And I piped some strawberry jam into a heart shape and filled it with some walnuts to warm little one's heart and to receive a big smile in return :) Looks like someone else is in the picture too!


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