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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Peach Moist Cake

I was captivated by the photos of fellow bloggers who are just so incredible, among them Ancoo, whose original version used blueberries. With no blueberries on hand and fear of facing the guilt of wastage just in case my cake didn't turn out well, I used canned peaches instead which I had in stock.

I was initially quite skeptical because of the amount of cream used, not doubting what it can do to the cake but more on the damage that it can create to my weight watch mission. But the photos looked so tempting, I gave in...evil mind found excuses to indulge... after all we all need some sweetness in our lives, at least once in awhile...

I was pleased with the taste and the texture. It was really soft and moist. The peaches gave a nice scent and taste to it. When little one asked for a second helping, I take it as a stamp of success :) I used cake flour and I used a few extra peach slices to decorate the cake.

Good, but should never do this too often...not for the extra effort that it will take to sweat it off !


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