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Monday, 1 August 2011

Is it time already?

Mooncakes have started to flood the market. Is it time to savour them already?? In fact it's still 1 1/2 months away. This year, Mid-Autumn festival falls on 12 September.

We have the commercial sidelines to thank for giving us a hand in piling up the pounds by bringing them out so early. Coming out with so many new flavours each year, isn't much help too. I guess it's a case of early bird gets the worm for them. I once read that the mooncake festival is the most lucrative of all chinese festivals in our country, with some only in business at this time of the year. By the price of mooncakes these days, it's no brainers. Based on the price list that I have managed to scan through (bakery/restaurant standards) the past few days, it starts at RM50 per box of 4 this year. Unfortunately, it's moving up very steadily and mind you in a pretty steep way too.

Might as well as make my own, making mooncakes are not too difficult. Homemade ones make better gifts too. Although mine may not be so perfect looking, I am sure loved ones and friends will agree that it's the thought the counts, right??

I started off with the traditional baked mooncakes this year. Cheated by making some with store bought red bean paste to kick-off the mooncake making spree :)

The cheat red-bean paste filling mooncake :)

Next came the mixed nuts and fruits, this one genuine homemade fillings. I packed them with assortment of nuts (almond, pistachio, hazel, pecan, seeds (melon, pumpkin, sesame) ) and assortment of dried fruits (kumquat, winter melon, ginger, nutmeg, cranberries, blueberries, mango, coconut, pineapple) This were made for my folks who loved this flavour and they loved mine!

There will be more coming for sure. Different skin, different fillings! Oh, I am so excited!


is that mixed nuts mooncake that you made on the first photo? looks perfect!!

Hi Lena,
Yes, mixed nuts, was glad that they turned out quite well :)

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