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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Snow Skin Mooncakes

More mooncakes :) A batch of what is known as snow skin ones. These are meant to be eaten chilled, i think that's where it got it's name from although technically, the direct translation from Chinese should be ice, somehow snow has a more sophisticated feel, i guess.

They are made from cooked glutinous rice flour. Some say this is the easiest version of mooncakes. I agree to certain extend, if you are able to get cooked glutinous rice flour, all it needs is to make the flour into a dough before wrapping it with some fillings. Put it into a mooncake mould, press it in, give it a bang and out plops your snow skin mooncake! If are unable to get cooked glutinous rice flour, you have to cook the uncooked flour yourself, by frying it or using a microwave to do it. I used boiled pandan water to get the fragrance and color for the skin. This can be substituted with any other flavour preferred. The skin actually has a texture identical to the Japanese Mochi.

As for the fillings, I split between mixture of lotus-red bean and durian lotus. Yes, had to make some with the stinky stuff :) No doubt, the durian lovers in the family loved those with durian paste. Stinky and creamy! As for the mixture of lotus and red beans, it blended quite well, maybe we are quite familiar with them as mooncake fillings, besides it gave a multi-color layer effect.

Yes, there will be more to come!


i think you are one experienced mooncake maker! They look beautiful! I have never tasted durian mooncakes before. NOt sure if i'm going to make any mooncakes this year, already so tempted to buy from the malls counter this afternoon, with exotic flavours!

Hi Lena,
Thanks for dropping by and the compliment. Err, actually this is the second time I am making snow skin ones, the first batch had thick skins at the bottom and had difficulty getting them out of the mould too. Yes, buying is easier but it's fun to make your own too, right?

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