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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Spicing a Breakfast ...or Two

I have never tried my hands at making bread puddings before this, curiosity aroused when I was captivated by the one that I saw at Wendy's.  Hers was looking all bright and cheery.  I made a mental note to try it out one day.  Pretty sure with a nice cup of coffee, it would spice up breakfast.

The opportunity came when I had some leftover store bought bread, the one from a new kid on the block.  I find their bread to have better texture.  My guess was it would do well in the bread pudding, hoping that it wouldn't turn out too soft and soggy.  

And viola,  this was the bread pudding that perked up our breakfast the other day.  I love the bright colors of this pudding. And how the bread pieces are arranged , making it look very neat and pretty (learned this from Wendy too).   I used orange ginger jam, scattered a mixture of craisins, raisins plus some apricots and top it with a dash of mixed spice.  I left the bread soaking overnight and bake it in the next morning for a fresh and warm bread pudding.  

Yummeh! Oh, and we love the crispy peaks too! 

Recipe : Table for 2 or More


oh, i remember wendy's one too, the one with the flowers! haha! I also think it's quite tricky to arrange the bread in order for them to look more appetising and you have made them very nice indeed and nice spices used too! Have a great week, adeline!

Ah... now I see this.
I'm glad you liked the bread pudding.
Somehow to me... if the bread pudding was left in the oven too long before removing, it could become soggy due to the vapour.
Or when the pudding was left around too long and the moisture in the custard below seeps up the crunchy bits on top.
But I've also tried a moist bread pudding before in a cafe, it was cold and moist all the way, hmm, but not soggy.
I think soggy ones could be overbaked like how, over steamed "water eggs" are soupy. Try other versions and always leave some bits of bread poking out so that they crisp up and add another texture dimension to the soft pudding.

Hi Lena and Wendy, thanks for visiting.
@Wendy:Thanks for the sharing,really appreciate it :)

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