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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Nien Nien You Yi

More Chinese New Year stuff since the celebration can continue until the 15th day! Something simple but symbolic of the chinese auspicious greeting Nien Nien You Yi. The greeting literally means Every Year in Abundance meaning we wish that the party being greeted has everything that he needs in abundance! Sounds a bit greedy doesn't it? But how wonderful it would be if we have everything in abundance!

The fish is symbolic of this greeting simply because the words "You Yi" sounds like "Have Fish". So, I made some jelly in the form of the fish with some moulds that i bought from a bakery product shop nearby. The moulds look very cute to me, in 2 sizes enough to create an entire fish family!

This one I made for my MIL as her prayer offerings. She was very happy indeed :) So was better half when he saw his mum's response! Yeay! The joy at the receiving end made the effort worthwhile. Cubed canned peaches gave the orange colour, wolfberries the red, raisins as the eyes and pandan with coconut milk made up the green pond.

This is the 2nd set of fish jelly. This one was made to serve guest who came visiting to my mum's home. The green from this one came from cendol. Instead of just serving cookies alone, we offered them a fish jelly. Happy to say that they were well received. Something different, lite and cooling, apart from being auspicious! Besides, someone commented that they looked like pieces of jade!

Worth considering if you are expecting guest at home or if you need to bring something for a potluck. Can almost be assured that your guest will be impressed :)


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