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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pandan Kaya Bread Loaf

Back to breads :)

The inspiration came from my sister's green bread which got its color from Pandan paste. One would expect Kaya to be the main ingredient just from its name. But the recipe didn't call for any, how disappointing! Typical Malaysians just love Kaya on breads! Pandan and Kaya would be such a heavenly combination what more without having to do the spreading! Upon reading, I discovered that the bread called for Kaya elements namely, coconut milk, eggs and sugar.

The original recipe came from Alex Goh, a bread sifu in Malaysia but I was fortunate to find a recipe that was twigged to strengthen the Kaya element. I used my breadmaker to do the kneading, it's so much easier. All I had to do was to dump everything into the breadmaker and wait until it turns into dough and proofed.

The way this bread is made is quite interesting too (at least to me), the dough is shaped into little balls the size of a table-tennis ball, then stack on top of one another. I was quite worried it wouldn't rise but it did and it was quite amazing because it didn't look like anything before it was baked except for the some bumps on the surface. One could already smell the sweet smelling kaya when it was still in the oven. The only setback was it didnt look really green, the amount of pandan juice (must be increased) used was too little and i obmitted the green colouring too. The crumbles made the bread extra delicious and the twigging of the recipe gave the bread a strong hint of Kaya.

Overall, I was pleased with the result. Little one gave his thumbs up too!


It's a beautiful bread; nice job!

Thanks for the link back.

Thanks, Nate! I am so glad to have you visit my blog!

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