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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

And we know where the beef is...

May 5 is the day, the day when Malaysians will go to the polls.   I am sure many of us are already feeling the excitement, I definitely am!  As they say it's going to be mother of all elections, like it or not the winds of change is blowing really strong this time!  I believe in this age, many of us will be making wise choices, we know where the beef is, there is no need to tempt or blind us with some sweets although we will accept them politely.  Oh, and i don't think we need reminders or advertisements on how promises have been fulfilled.
Now, let's talk about a real beef dish :)

Like a kid discovering new toys at a toy store, that's how i felt when I saw Wagyu beef being sold at Mid-Valley, Jusco supermarket.  Now, I don't normally shop for groceries there, I am not sure when they started carrying it (so this might be stale info for some of you) but I am pretty sure they don't sell it at the branch that I frequent, hence the excitement.  They come in small packs of 300-500g (if i am not wrong) and at a reasonably affordable price (read can buy some to play with).  When i got home and the excitement kinda settled down, i recalled reading one of my blogger friends mentioning about Wagyu available in Mid-Valley, Junco.  After some googling, it lead me to Yen of Eat Your Heart Out, who did a fabulous looking steak with it.

There's not that much that I know about Wagyu except for the few occasions that I have tried them in Japanese restaurants, indulgence for me at the price that it comes with.  But I pretty well know they are very tender and juicy.    The higher the degree of marbling the more tender and juicy it is.  I am not sure of the marbling degree of the ones that i bought, i dont think it's written on the pack, too low to state probably :)

So, i bought a small pack for stir-frying to lay my hands on.  They were already sliced into small pieces,  a little bigger than bite size though.    I stir-fried more than half the portion with black pepper for dinner and I was pretty glad that it turned out well (Phew, thank god no unexpected disaster that would make the meat come to waste!).   This was what I did with the remaining portion since it was not enough to make it a dish of its own.

Taking a cue from how the beef tasted pretty good stir-fried in black pepper and since we didn't mind an encore, I played along to come up with this black pepper spaghetti.  More like a twist off the Aglio Oglio, some portebellos, romaine and cherry tomatoes thrown in to make it a balanced meal.  It tasted quite good and I love how it turned out looking colourful.


  • 150-200g beef
  • Spaghetti for 2 pax
  • 5 cloves garlic, minced
  • 5 portebello mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 head of romaine lettuce, cut in smaller pieces
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes, cut into halves

  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Parmesan cheese
  1. Slice beef into bite size and marinade with some salt, freshly grounded black pepper and a dash of worchester sauce for 30 minutes.  
  2. Cook spaghetti in boiling water with some salt added in until al dente.  Drain spaghetti and mix with a teaspoon of olive oil so that spaghetti will not stick to each other.
  3. Heat up olive oil in a pan then saute garlic until almost golden.  Add in the portebellos followed by beef.  Stir fry until beef changes color.
  4. Add in spaghetti and toss to mix.   Add in more freshly grounded black pepper and salt.
  5. Add in around 1 cup of spaghetti water and grated cheese.
  6. Mix in shredded lettuce and tomatoes then toss.
Note : If you notice a pale yellow patch somewhat in the centre, it's shredded mozzarella added to make it a little more cheesy but mostly just for the fun of it and to add colours :)


This beef pasta look easy to cook with simple ingredients.

Hi, this beef spaghetti look inviting and delicious. I love mine with extra mushroom. :)

Best regards.

Simple, delicious!! Who wouldnt love to have this for dinner?

I would love a plate now please:) and yeah everyone can't stop talking about the coming election!

The wagyu beef is also available at Jusco 1-Utama though I have not tried it. But looking at your Black Pepper Beef Spaghetti, I might buy some to try! And yes, I will be making a wise choice come May 5th!

Sounds nice and tasty, i must go to Jusco midvalley and get some wagyu beef. Cant get them at jusco 1 Utama.

I love colourful ( food ) dishes :D .... That beef pasta looks simply delicious ! The wagyu in there makes it extra special .....

So , who are you going to vote ? lol

Look like you very exciting about the coming election, me too.,,oh, very hard for me to find good beef at the Jusco near my area, next time I know where to get it. Usually I like to stir fry like you of the black pepper beef but I like to add strawberry .,hehehe..and your pasta sound delicious too.

@Mel: Yes, easy is the way for this one and most of the stuff i have here :)

@Amelia: One with extra mushroom coming up especially for you ;) Thanks for the compliment!

@Mr & Mrs P: Thank you, thank you!

@Jeannie: Thank you! Yes, the heat is on, can't wait for the day!

@PH: Good to know it's available in 1U too, thanks for info. Yes, let's all go out and make wise choices come May 5th!

@Esther: Thank you! Maybe can try looking out for it again in 1U since PH mentioned it's available there?

@Anne : Thank you!

i always hear how great wagyu is but i have yet to try that..cos i rarely eat beef ..but i tried your fish maw dish. That was good, thanks!

may05, hope we can witness the moment of change :)

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