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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

#Pray for Boston

My heart is so heavy today, the news about the bombing in Boston is just devastating.  It is awful waking up to news like this...

Why in the world inflict such pain on innocent ones??  No one should die in such a senseless manner.  3 are now dead not to mention scores who are seriously injured.  Among the dead is a 8 year old boy, I can't imagine the pains his family is going through, especially his parents.   

Boston, please know that the people around the world are with you in these difficult times.  We are grieving with you.

Please pray for Boston.  Let's all keep them in our prayers.

Father in Heaven, 

I pray for the people in Boston
I pray that you be with them as they suffer and grieve
I pray that you soothe and calm their troubled hearts 
I pray that you bring healing and hope to them
I pray that you give them courage and strength to go through this difficult times..    
Through Jesus Christ our Saviour I pray



Sad and tragic ..... My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this senseless tragedy .

What a horrible turn of events!!! Praying for the victims!

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