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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Going Bananas

A friend of mum gave her two huge bunches of bananas from their farm. Gifts of these kind are really hard to come by these days, especially for folks like us who are city dwellers. I was in luck as I happened to be back home for a visit, hence got some free homegrown bananas, couldn't have been better timing :) I was told to wrap them with some newspapers to ripen them as they were still green when given. It was only after the third day (after doing daily inspection every morning) that some started to ripen, and it was a gradual process, you get 2 or 3 ripen ones per day. Come to think of it, wonder how did they get those in the markets to ripen so evenly?? At the rate that mine went, I would have some over-ripen ones while some were still green...

Bananas are something that we love in the family. They are so versatile, have them raw, fry them, put them in pancakes, cakes, bread, ice-creams, cereals and the list goes on...

Since it was a huge bunch, it was quite a challenge to finish them before they got too ripe. The last batch was mashed up and turned into banana cupcakes. I was quite happy with how they turned out, don't they look lovely and cheery in the pink stripe cases??


the princess would love these!!!

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