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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Purple Mood

It was time for something fresh. Since it has been awhile since I baked a loaf bread and with some purple Japanese potatoes to finish up, I decided to bake something flavoured by them. I was actually more curious about how a purple loaf would turn out to be rather than it's taste as I had tried out the same recipe with the orange species ones. Further more, the colour purple was reflective of my mood at that moment...

It came out looking purplish pink, a soft soothing colour but may not be easily acceptable for a loaf of bread?? But I think it looks better than those charcoal powder ones?? The texture was soft, with a nice hint of sweet potato scent and small purplish bits here and there.

Making this was very easy, dumped the ingredients into my bread maker and the loaf was ready within 3 hours. We finished the loaf over 1 breakfast.


First of all, thanks for preparing me such a wonderful bread for my breakfast that day. I finished up the purple japanese sweet potato bread soon after I tasted the first mounth. I give two thumbs up for the taste and the creativity. This is my very first time in trying a bread with sweet potato and the taste is so good. I personally think it is much more tastier than the commercial bread that we usually find in the bread shop like orange or pandan favor. Mixing sweet potato with bread is definitely a fresh idea but it turns out so unbelievable.. Nothing else i could say but thank you again =)!

Ivy, thanks for compliments. Unfortunately I cannot claim credit for the recipe, I only made some adaptations and experimented with the purple species ones to try out the colour effect :)

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