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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Coffee Mania

One of those who need a daily cafeine fix, at least one to start the day :) It was a double dose today!

I was touched and grateful when a close friend (who knows too well about my coffee addiction) presented me with what was known as the most expensive coffee beans in the world! Thank you once again my friend, it was really thoughtful of you.

Not too sure about the claim but it was indeed expensive compared to the ones that I know. Known as Kopi Luwak, it came from Indonesia. The other place where it can be found in its original form is in the Philippines. Was thrilled, have heard, read and watched it on TV but till this afternoon the opportunity to taste it had never arise. To those who have not heard about it, the beans are special in a very odd way. These beans that are highly regarded actually went through a civet-like cat's (known as luwak in Indonesia) digestive system and defecated when they cannot digest them! Indeed we are 2nd hand consumers! But it's said that it is the process that the beans went through and those extra elements added along the way that improve their taste. Due to the tedious process, decrease in the population of the cats and the high price that it can fetch, there are known to be a lot of imitations around. As such, the one that I got came along with a certificate of authenticity. I wonder how do they certify it??

We had it during tea time which was as soon as I got home to prepare it. The coffee has a strong aroma but surprisingly without the bitterness, smooth and creamy too. Quite unique indeed as long as thoughts on how they came about are kept abay!

By co-incidence I made something coffee flavoured. My coffee walnut cake had to be downgraded to be the co-star of the day, not that I mind. The cake tasted quite good but I was not happy with it's appearance, cracked surface :(
Luwak coffee flavoured cake will have to be added to my to-do list.


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